Original Artworks by Annie Johnson for sale

Artist Profile

For many years I have experimented with different mediums such as acrylic, oil, watercolour, chalk, pastels and charcoal. I have enjoyed these processes but I was looking for something out of the ordinary and a little bit special. I have found it, 'Encaustic wax painting'.
This medium combines my love of all my past painting experiences & is a way of pushing the boundaries. I have found a way of incorporating all those pieces of artwork that you keep just in case & cannot bear to throw away. All those collage materials that you have in a box, let's be realistic, many boxes that you think will come in handy one of those days!
This is the process of heating beeswax with resin & paint pigment & has originated from Roman times. It is a way of preserving & protecting layers of paint, paper & collage materials using wax. It has a luscious feel & a scent of beeswax which makes the painting very organic & pleases the senses.
By building up layers of colour & wax & texture the final layer is warm & shiny. It reminds me of how we are made as people, layers of memories, culminating in a warm & shiny person on the outside.