Collectable Art Dolls by Alison Summers
Individually named $90

Wendy Binks Canvas Prints and Giftlines

Ceramic Mugs $21, Lined Tote Bags $35 , Coasters $39 set 6; $30 set of 4; and greeting cards $5 all with printed watercolour images by Alison Clarke

  • Polymer Clay Jewellery by
    Melanie Allen. So many Styles and Colours available
    Induvidually priced

  • Nuno Felted Bead Necklace,
    Mixed Fibre and found objects by Di Baker

  • rope & re-cycled baskets and bowls by Elizabeth Wright
    Various colours,sizes and prices

  • Resin Homewares by Pancake Design.
    Large assortment and various prices

  • More Resin Homewares by
    Pancake Design

  • Owl carved in Jarrah
    On Burl.
    By Dave Taylor

  • Nuno Felted merino wool/silk wraps & scarves by
    Kaye Louwen
    Various prices

  • Nuno felted scarves by Di Baker. Various prices

  • Christine Hawker

    Lazy Susan (small)

  • Pottery by Jenny Barrett
    Various colours and sizes

  • Sue Codee

    Assorted gift lines various prices

  • Japanese Wax Beaded Braclets by Janine Watts,
    Various designs, colours

  • Rusted Metal Magpies & Wrens for your garden.
    Rusty Wren $18
    Rusty Magpie $39

  • Mosaic pots,dishes,bird baths, stands & wall art
    By Sudasi

  • Wood and metal sculptures
    By Dave Taylor

  • Pottery sculptures by Jenny Barrett various colours and sizes

  • Laser Cut Gum Leaves by
    Brian Humphris
    Small $30 medium $60
    Large $90

  • Hand made timber boxes by
    Rodney Foster
    From $60

  • Wood & Resin inserted with local shells and objects on boards, trays and Platters by Christine Hawker.

  • Wood & Resin by Christine Hawker

  • Cards,Prints, compacts and
    Key rings by Elza Fouche.

  • Australianna animals.

    Metal art.

  • Iron Sculptures by Dave Taylor

    Iron Sculptures of Crabs and Manawarq