Original Artworks for sale by Sara Riches

"New Beginnings"
acrylic - framed under glass
Small $275

Artist Profile

" Can't wait to Return"
Ink framed under glass
Size 77x65

Framed - Overall size 90x68
Acrylic $900

I've lived a Thousand Lives with You
Framed - Overall size 55x45cm
Mixed Media $450

  • "I'm Learning to Love Myself"
    Acrylic Framed under Glass
    Size 58 x 42cm

  • "Love Me"
    Mixed Media framed under glass
    Size 72x50 cm

  • "Let me catch your dreams"
    Framed under glass
    Size medium

"Peacock Feathers"
Mixed Media framed under glass

  • "Out of Time"
    Acrylic framed no glass
    Size 60x47