Handmade Glass by Claudia Hart

Claudia has been collecting glass since she was ten but has only in the last few years taken up kiln formed glass.  She specializes in glass weaves and practical objects as well as fun pieces. She combines a love of colour with innovative glass techniques and is constantly learning and experimenting. What attracts her to glass is its immense history as an art form as well as well the way light moves through it and the vibrant colours that glow.  She loves to visit cathedrals and watch the play of light through the stained-glass windows.  More recently, having retired from teaching and moving to Denmark, she is inspired by the natural beauty of the area and the magnificent forests.

Most of Claudia’s work is time consuming and labour intensive.  Coloured glass (all of which must be imported), glass frit, stringers, powder and enamels are selected, carefully placed and fired in the kiln so they melt, and then slowly cooled, this process takes around 24 hours for each firing.   This piece may then be cut into shapes, layered and assembled and fired again.  The final piece is often hand ground with a diamond wheel to make the edges smooth then fired again into a useful shape.  Some pieces of glass are fired up to 5 times.