Handmade Glass Items by Kathy Griffiths

Handmade Glass Wave and stand $150

Handmade Glass blue Daisy Clock with working mechanism and pendulu

Handmade Glass Lamp Shades Mounted on metal stand and wired ready to use.

Handmade Glass Poppy Plates Small

Handmade blue glass decorative bowl

Artist Profile

Kathy Griffiths lives in a small picturesque country town sourrounded by mountains and vineyards in the South West of Western Australia. She is a self-taught Artist and has been doing all types of arts and crafts since childhood. 13 years ago, she discovered the beauty of glass. Loving the mesmerising colours and textures of Dichroic Glass she purchased her first hobby kiln and started creating unique one of a kind Jewellery pieces. Over the years there has been a natural progression of bigger kiln for larger pieces which include Plates, Bowls, Vases and Decorative pieces.