Kate Woodward Original Art for Sale

Kate Woodward Profile

I love nature. I'm compelled to touch tree trunks, garden, feast my eyes on the horizon,bird watch and dive into the ocean. I mainly express myself artistically through creating landscape paintings, especially ocean pastels.

The beach delights me and I often feel so inspired, that afterwards I begin to create. As I pastel I envisage the crash of the waves against my legs ; the feeling of diving under the surf or floating on a tranquil day. Funnily I once realised hours afterwards, that I was still wearing my wet bathers, covered in pastel smudges, Pastelling is tactile- and messy!

I have been know to pastel by headlamp in a power-out or during the night. I lose awareness of time and place and totally immerse myself in my creation.

My artwork is an expression of me.