Original Artworks by Rowena Robinson for sale.

Artist Profile

Rowena's artistic background started in advertising, illustrating for brochures and newspapers,which soon followed on to illustrating childrens book.

Two of her own stories are currently in production and will be published later this year.

The Mandela story, however, emerged during her own " light from the dark " or "flight from the cocoon" type experience.

While going through the deep dark night of the soul, Rowena began to doodle,just pen and ink on pape. And as Devine serendipity would have it, there she' stumbled ' upon the ancient art of the Mandela and found that within the structure of sacred geometry lay infinite possibilities of design and colour. As within, so without.This subsequently led her on a beautiful journey of discovery and healing.

Each piece is hand designed,drawn and coloured with contemplation and love. Each mandala has its own story that reflects of 'being' that we all share.