Alison Summers Art Dolls for Sale

Klothchilde Collectables - Natural fibre art dolls - all individual, with selected names.

I have made dolls since I was a small child, but it was only in the past year I started to make these small dolls. The dolls are constructed from clean Merino wool and cotton tricot. 
The head and body are soft sculptured in the Waldorf Tradition and the eyes and mouth are embroidered. Glass beads are used to weight the body and the hair is crocheted from mohair. The arms and legs are knitted and cotton cord is used to give them body. I like to knit the clothing using Merino yarn, but sometimes I like to use Nottingham lace, tulle and satin ribbon and Swarovski Crystal just to be a little different.

Although the clothing can be hand washed and the doll itself is not immersible in water. A damp cloth can be used to clean the face and the hair can be lightly brushed if needed.

These dolls are not suitable for children under 8 and are more of an ornament to sit on a shelf than a plaything.

I hope you enjoy my little people.