Original Art for sale by Tammy Lavers

Tamorin Lavers

Inspired and taught by her grandmother, Tamorin has continued to develop her style and techniques. Using soft pastel chalks on quality archival paper, water colour, and oil paints on hand stretched canvas, childhood memories and whimsical Australian scenes have been prolifically produced and sold to Australian and Overseas clients.

in 2018 Tamorin received a distinction in a Diploma for illustrating children's books through the London Art Collage. Tamorin has found a hugh passion for illustration of children's books, as it's an area of her art where she can encompass her delight in creating images of childhood fun and wonder with her love of colour and whimsy.

Tamorin exhibits her works for sale at Yallingup Galleries in the southwest of Western Australia. Tamorin's works can also be viewed on her Facebook site, Tamorin art.