Sara Coyne

Artist Profile

Sara's Architectural Building Design and Drafting studies At Leederville influenced her further learning of art, achieving a Certificate 111 in Visual Arts and Contemporary Craft in Margaret River.

Inspired by nature, her passions include drawing with ink, resin,charcoal, chalk and pastel, also painting in watercolour and experimenting in a wide variety of mediums. Sculpture is another creative joy.

Photography has become a daily passion. Inspired initially by time spent in Europe and the UK, Sara's photographic works capture stunning images of the huge diversity of Western Australian plants, birds and landscapes. From the amazing vistas of Karijini National Park to the ever changing colours of the sea and Sky of Shark Bay, through her art, Sara captures the essence of her experiences and the scenery around her home here in Denmark.

"Along with my deep appreciation of the land around me," Sara says, " I truly love the water and it's many moods therefore, I can't be too long away from the ocean and the sea breeze."

Magic for Sara is watching the birds taking off from the water or manta rays jumping out of the ocean having fun, whilst out on her boat.

"Art to me is an expression of what I see and my connection to earth", says Sara.