Polymer Clay Jewellery For Sale

Melanie Allan


All my life I have perused my great love of art and craft, experimenting with all mixture of media...pencil drawing, oil and acrylic painting, sculpture, textiles, wheel and hand built ceramics, mosaics, beading...always looking for THAT one which can truly flame the creative passion within and keep it burning brightly....then I found POLYMER CLAY.

I specialise in the technique of Millefiori, meaning 'thousand flowers', which glass artists have used for hundreds of years. Hand built elements are assembled to form a long roll or 'cane'. This is squeezed and reduced by hand to make it smaller and longer. When the cane is sliced the detailed pattern is revealed inside(like the rock candy with pictures in the middle). The slices are then applied as a veneer, then baked, sanded smooth and finally polished.

I was born in New Zealand and came to Australia when I was 18. After travelling around the country I finally settled in Perth and raised a family. During this time I completed an Art and Desighn Diploma at TAFE focussing on pottery.

in 1993 I moved with my family to Denmark. Shortly after I had a change in direction and began a nursing career which too me into the operating theatre.

All the while perusing creative endeavours, it was reading a beading magazine during a tea break that I first found polymer clay. I immediately purchased several blocks and started creating.

That journey has now been 7 years in the making and I'm still amazed at what it can do.